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100 Things to Read #1

Might as well go ahead and get started :)

Title: these bones are mere accessories
Author: insunshine
Fandom: Shameless (US version)
Pairing: Ian/Mickey
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~14k
Link: http://insunshine.livejournal.com/696868.html
Author's Summary: She doesn't really have one.

There isn't much Shameless fic out there. As of today, there's a whopping 62 stories for the US version on fanfiction.net. I've found a couple of communities (ianmickey and shameless_ff), but a lot of it is cross-posted and overlaps ffn, too. But still, the vast majority of what I've read, Ian/Mickey-wise, is really good. All angsty as hell, because it's Ian and Mickey, but still—really good. I'll have a few Ian/Mickeys scattered through here, I imagine.

This one is an AU from near the end of season 2, which recently wrapped up. Mickey POV, he's in juvie, things go pear-shaped. You know, normal state of affairs.

P.S. And yeah, probably the vast majority of my 100 Things will be M/M of some sort, fic and original fiction alike.

Tags: 100things, author: insunshine, fandom: shameless, length: one-shot, m/m, pairing: ian/mickey, rec
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