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HMonster and Wtvoc: Or, a reason why this fandom is amazing

During a TLYDF admin meeting last night, HMonster mentioned that she’d had a tough few days with relation to the fandom and some Indies things. She said she was pretty much recovered, and she was certainly gung-ho and her usual self during the meeting. Then this morning on twitter, she tweets, “I am in a positive mood and paying it forward today - I triple dog dare you to spread the love too,” puts the same thing in her gchat status, and starts passing around the love. Now, about eight hours later, the fandom is in the middle of a massive love day. It’s extraordinary.

On the way home, I was thinking about just how impressive it is that she started this thing. At my company, that would earn her scores of 10 for Initiative and Teamwork. Then I started to think about just how much she does for this fandom, and that brought to mind another author. When I think about it, the two of them exemplify everything I love about this fandom.

So here are my words of love for today, about HMonster4 (H) and withthevampsofcourse (wtvoc).

All of the non-writing stuff aside for the moment, H is one of the most diverse fanfic writers I can name. She writes AH and AU, secondary canon pairings, non-canon pairings, Edward’s point of view, Bella’s point of view, first person and third person. She writes on her own and collabs with profmom. She has full-length fics and short stories, and everything she writes, she pours herself into. Her position as a VIP Author on ADF is highly deserved.

In addition to just the writing, she betas and encourages new writers. I think we have her to thank for TheHeartOfLifeIsGood’s fantastic “The Long Way Home.” She and profmom together gave my ficwife, Legna989, an amazing opportunity by asking her to work with them on their collab The Fates.

H also co-runs one of the fandom’s biggest awards – the Indies. She and gustariana started it last year because they wanted to recognize and promote new writers and writers who don’t have much of a fanbase but are writing stories that deserve attention. It wasn’t just a one-time thing; they’re currently on their third cycle.

On top of that, she’s an admin for the blog The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster. I’ve seen firsthand how she stepped into that role with enthusiasm—she’s responsible for more articles in the past two months than I probably will be for the entire year.

I haven’t even brought up her legendary Emmett love or what she’s done for him in this fandom.

And that’s all really just the tip of the iceberg.

Wtvoc’s writing is equally as diverse—she has AH and AU, short stories, collabs with jandco, and while she sticks with Edward and Bella primarily, she’s been known to indulge a J/B girl like me, and she and jandco write my #1 favorite Jasper, so all of the canon-pairings stuff can be overlooked. She doesn’t skimp, either. Her last two Support Stacie fics – collabs with Jandco – have been amazing multi-chapter novellas. She doesn’t write crap just to make people happy—she and jandco regularly take risks with their stories, which is beyond admirable in this fandom of often fickle readers.

Lately, in addition to her Twific, she’s also jumped on the Bones fandom, and has been producing what I consider to be some of her best work.

For a long while, she wrote a column for TLYDF (Dirty Uncle Wtvoc) in which she handed out sassy and smart advice to the fandom. She even indulged “Jasper Hale” and responded seriously to questions he wrote to her. She’s been involved in more than one blog / website, and is a founding mother of the Twi-verse Fansite, A Different Forest. And it’s not as if she helped get it off the ground and then wandered off to write Bones!fic – she is actively involved every day in ADF and making it an awesome place for Twifans to hang out.

Like H, wtvoc runs an awards site. She and limona are responsible for the twice-annual Eddies & Bellies awards, which are currently going on. They showcase completed works and have fun categories, and are considered one of the biggest and most prestigious of the Twifandom awards.

Again, I could go on all day.

Both wtvoc and H participate in fandom auctions like Support Stacie and Fandom Gives Back. They’re generous with their time and words and hearts.

And it’s not as if either of these ladies has a lot of free time. They’re both married and have kids. One travels a lot for her job, and the other just finished nursing school. Neither is getting paid to do this crap, but both do it daily with zest and zeal, and even when stuff gets tough, they’re back the next day encouraging the fandom to “pay it forward” and participate and be nice to one another.

I’m also fairly certain that both of them can talk just about anyone into just about anything. Their vampire talents would probably be Compulsion.

One of the best things about the two of them is they’re highly approachable. Neither bullshits, and they may seem intimidating, but they’re just regular women who happen to grace us with these extraordinary parts of themselves.

The fandom is immeasurably better for having them, and I’m very lucky to be able to count them among my friends.

Whom do you admire?
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