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Regardless of anything else, I have to thank Rob Pattinson for doing that GQ shoot last year. If he hadn't, and if I hadn't bought the magazine, I never would have found my Fire in the Vein Jasper. I was flipping through the magazine and there he was... this was late March of last year and I was just starting to write FitV and hadn't yet formed a solid image of Jasper in my head. When I saw the True Religion magazine ad, I immediately tried to find a copy of it somewhere online. When I couldn't, I scanned it and send it to legna989 , who agreed that he was Firesper. And although I poked around online, I couldn't find his name. Legna finally found it, SIX MONTHS later.

Jasper Hale aka Ryan Heavyside...

When Val / touchstone made my banner, I asked her to include him, she did.  Not his face, though, since it can be confusing when a banner uses an actor or actress that wasn't in the movies:

Why am I bothering to do this now?& Well, I was just poking around online for photos of him to include in a post on ADF and found a bunch that I've never seen. And GUH. Mmm. I feel the need to go back and write FitV beach scenes and all sorts of other things...

(Those two are supposed to be on the same line, but I don't think my layout will allow it.)

I felt compelled to share them, because... ugh.


I have a serious weakness for hockey skates... mmm.

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