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Story rec: "Alice's Jasper, Edward's Bella"

Twitter is definitely both a blessing and a curse. Today it is a blessing.

letmesign recommended this Jasper/Bella one-shot and I have to pass it along.

Title: Alice's Jasper, Edward's Bella
Author: LyricalKris
Rated: M
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Bella & Jasper
Universe: All human
FFn word count: 8,247
Status: Complete one-shot
POV: Loose third person personal limited

FFn Summary: Bella had lost everything, including her purpose in life. Jasper had lost everything, including his freedom. Prison is an unlikely place to find happiness again, but two broken souls will recognize each other in the most unexpected of places. O/s.

FFn Link:
Alice's Jasper, Edward's Bella

I'll admit that when I saw the idea for the Cullens Incarcerated contest, I was baffled.  It seemed too narrow a topic to garner much interest, but if it means that authors are going to write stories like this, bring it on.

From the author's AN, this was originally written for that contest but she was too impatient to wait to post it, and I am so glad for that. 

Things I love about it:
  • It deals with Alice and Edward.  There are lots of great J/B stories that don't include Alice or Edward, but I'll admit that most of my favorite ones do.  And not only does it deal with A/E, but it does so very smartly.  I'm going to steal something from my bb legna989's review and say that LyricalKris deals with J/B "without marginalizing what they had with Alice and Edward... and that's not easy to do."  My bb is incredibly smart and well-spoken, and she speaks the truth.
  • It is super well-written.  Both the grammar and the author's style are wonderful. 
  • It made me cry.  In a really good way.
  • It's realistic -- the whole damn thing (e.g., the progression of their friendship).
I know there are more things I loved, but it's Friday and my head isn't entirely together.  I'm currently pondering the totally embarrassing dance I have to do with all of the other managers at my company's hoilday party tomorrow night.  Good times.

Go forth and read!
Tags: length: one-shot, pairing: jasper/bella, rec
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