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FINISHED. In a good way.

This past Sunday night, after almost three months of brainstorming and massive gchats and so many gdocs that even I can't keep track of them all, LaViePastiche and I delivered to JAustenlover the auction piece she picked up during Support Stacie back in September.

Originally, LVP was going to write with Oohlalaa and it was intended to be about a 30k novella.  LVP and OHL had been planning for months to collab on something, and they were going to use this as the nudge they needed to move forward.  Shortly after the auction, real life sort of crept up on OHL and she isn't as present in the fandom as she was before.  LVP had been bouncing ideas off me for the collab, and they both were gracious enough to let me step in and fill in for OHL to write the other half of the collab.

So... 30k quickly grew, and over the course of about six weeks, we ended up writing three times that amount. 

I really had no plans to write another full-length fic after FitV.  I thought I would just write one-shots and take part in contests and challenges, and that would be it.  To suddenly have a multi-chapter complete and just about ready to start posting is... lovely and gratifying.  At some point I'll do a post on what it's like to collaborate with someone.  I'm sure collaboration experiences are different for everyone, but the one we had (at least from my perspective) was awesome.  We gelled, we rarely disagreed about anything at all, and when we did, it was quickly resolved.  As with our first collab - "What We've Got" - we were pretty much on the same page across the board as far as the story went.  It doesn't hurt that I love LVP's writing, so every time she wrote a chapter, it was like I was getting an update for a favorite story... it didn't even matter that already knew what was going to happen :) 

During the FGB auction, I picked up a banner from AngstGoddess003 with the intent of using it for this story.  She finished that over the past weekend, and it's gorgeous and absolutely perfect.  She really captured the mood of the story.

The First Breath

Because neither LVP nor I picture Jackson as our Jasper, we asked AG to use art from nami86 , and she did.  (I'm going to do a Nami post at some point, too; her Jasper art is amazing.)

JA is currently reading The First Breath, and our plan is to start posting the week of January 3, after the holiday craze has died down and we're both home and recovered from travelling.

Tags: art, auction, collab, fandom: twilight, fgb, pairing: jasper/bella, support stacie, the first breath
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