elle em en oh pea (ellecc) wrote,
elle em en oh pea

TLYDF: Guess That Drabbler

My first little project since becoming a TLYDF Admin is up today! Pastiche Pen and I put together the authors and made a spreadsheet and fun stuff like that. AngstGoddess did the awesome graphics, as always.

Essentially, four authors wrote a drabble (a 100-word piece) about a given topic (today is "Holidays"). Blog visitors have to guess which of four authors wrote each drabble. Given my fondness of drabbles coming out the Twi25, I'm excited about this new TLYDF feature :)

Go check it out --> Guess That Drabbler: 4 Authors, 100 Words, 1 Theme, & 1 Guess
Tags: length: drabble, tlydf
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