elle em en oh pea (ellecc) wrote,
elle em en oh pea

What We've Got

For the I Heart the 80's Contest on fanfiction.net, LaViePastiche and I wrote our first collab: a one-shot called "What We've Got," based on Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." We affectionately refer to it as "loapy."

Here it is on fanfiction.net: What We've Got

You can also read it on ADF where LVP is a VIP author: This will take you to the main fiction page and you can browse to her.

badjujuboo was awesome enough to rec the story on The Fornication Station, and I borrowed the pic she picked to make a goofy banner.

Tags: art, collab, fanfiction, length: one-shot, pairing: jasper/bella
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