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For the Love of Jasper - A little bit of randomness

A few months ago, LaViePastiche (madicake) and I hosted the "For the Love of Jasper" contest. It started as an idea casually thrown out on Twitter and morphed into something far bigger than we had anticipated.

Over the course of a five-week submissions period, we received 147 entries. We ended up validating 120 of those - all of which were available to be voted upon in the Open Voting round, which ran for three weeks. Of the 120 stories, sixteen were selected by our judges to move to a "Judges Selection Round." Two winners were selected from both the OV and JS rounds.

For more information about the winners, including blurbs about the four main winners plus a couple of handfuls of honorabe mentions, and fancy banners for all, you can visit the blog we set up to archive everything: www.fortheloveofjasper.com

As we neared the end of voting, LVP and I talked about posting little articles on our blogs in which we'd discuss our feelings about the contest and some of the stories that stood out for us, aside from the ones that had previously drawn judges' or public attention. But then, right after the contest ended, we got pretty busy writing a multi-chapter collab and neither of us has posted anything about the contest. I figured I'd at least put up this post and hopefully spur myself on to write what I had planned. There were so many wonderful fics that came out of FLJ (including several that have already been made into multi-chapter stories) -- if I could, I would bore everyone by mentioning every single one of them. But as it is, there are three that I sort of set aside to mention..

I'll keep some mystery for a subsequent post, but here are the three "categories" of the stories I plan to write a little about:

Favorite Odd Pairing -- The contest was filled with odd, wonderful pairings! There are two that I loved in particular, but one of them I am giving to the next category...
Favorite Slash -- This is one of my favorite stories of the contest, not just my favorite slash or favorite odd pairing.
Favorite Sobfest -- We realized too late that if we didn't want to read 130 terribly sad stories, we should have done an Emmett contest. The standard Jasper characterization is SAD. We read sooooo many very sad stories. This one here, which I'll probably re-read and sob through again before I post about it, almost killed me.

All right, so... now I just have to write those posts :)

Tags: fandom: twilight, flj, jasper, length: one-shot
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