elle em en oh pea (ellecc) wrote,
elle em en oh pea

I see you, sneaky southern vampire!

Hey, look. SciFi's 7 p.m. movie is Ice Road Terror, starring Ty Olsson. I'm guessing it was filmed in or around Vancouver?? :)

I didn't think I would, but I kind of miss his Benny accent!

First scene? He's loading a cooler into a truck. Deja vu! Oh man, there's like... all sorts of blood. Poor Benny would be struggling right now.

Hmm, his eyes are like... preternaturally blue. It's too bad we don't see them more on SPN.

[click for pics!]


Ty Olsson

Tags: fandom: supernatural, night of the living vampire, o canada, things i saw on tv
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