elle em en oh pea (ellecc) wrote,
elle em en oh pea

Cowboy boys!

Life's a funny thing sometimes!

I just finished reading drvsilla's PBR trilogy (the most perfect J2 AU I've read in terms of sheer believability of characterizations) while we were out of town, and when I got back and restarted my Supernatural rewatch (all seasons—need to finish by Wednesday!), I resumed with Frontierland. I haven't been able to watch any eps in a few days and I forgot that's where I was. Talk about perfect visuals to go with PBR. :)

Frontierland D&S

[Art from the first story in the trilogy, In His Hand.]

Art by cathybites from the first story in the trilogy, In His Hand.


Tags: author: drvsilla, fanart, fandom: supernatural, i love you sam winchester, m/m, pairing: jared/jensen, rec, sometimes i'm a deangirl
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