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100 Things to Read #42

TitleSo: A Hollywood Fairytale
Fandom: Entourage
Pairing: Eric/Vince
Rating: PG-13/soft R
Word Count: ~23k
Author's Summary: Vince gets married; he also gets E.

Eric & VinceFrom the author’s A/N: The question I started with was, is there any plausible way that Vince would get married? And here's my answer.

I have a thing for the Hollywood thing—two actors getting together and what the impact will be on their lives. I think that’s probably why when I read RPS (yeah, yeah), I prefer non-AU stuff—stuff where the guys are actors and dealing with the “real world”—their show, their actor friends, etc. But I have to say that I haven’t read much RPF that does as good (thorough/realistic-seeming) job of dealing with it as fourteencandles consistently does in her Entourage fic. In the J2 non-AU fic I’ve read, very little has been about any sort of Hollywood or media fallout. It’s not even very prevalent in the Colin/Bradley stuff I’ve read. It’s interesting—the Entourage authors don’t have any issue dealing with that, kind of make it their cornerstone, but I guess in the other fandoms I've dipped into there either isn’t much interest when it’s real or... I’m not really sure what the deal is. Maybe I'm reading the wrong stuff. Anyway, when I need some good “No one in the world can find out; what are we going to do?” stories, Entourage is where I come. And no one does angsty secrecy like fourteencandles.

[Rambling and an excerpt.]
As I said the last time I recced one of her stories, I love them all. I finally read the final one I hadn’t, and it was just as good as all the others.

But this one—this one is my favorite. Basically, Eric and Vince start dating, they decide to tell Ari just in case anyone catches wind of it, and Ari immediately sets Vince up with a woman—a musician who’s in love with her female publicist. Perfect cover for everyone, right? Right. Well, that’s what it seems like. But faking it like that eventually has to take its toll on someone.

This author’s writing is pretty much perfect. There isn’t a single thing about it that bugs me, and that’s pretty rare for me. She even does something that usually irks that hell out of me—covers long spans of time in an exposition-type way—and I don’t care. Doesn’t bother me at all. She knows when to focus on moments in time, and her dialogue is so good, sharp, and in-character that it makes the non-dialogue parts easy to handle. She’s also great about not including anything that doesn’t need to be included. There’s nothing that doesn’t drive the story forward or build on someone’s character. I really wish I knew where she went after she left livejournal, because I want to read everything she’s written, ever.

The 23k goes so fast that I’d have sworn the story was no more than 15k. It’s all from Vince POV, and his head is such an interesting place. At one point in the story, there’s this dialogue:

"I'm saying, people basically see what they expect to see, E." Vince feels his frustration rising, but he tries to tamp it down, to be reasonable. "And most people just see that I've been married for two full years to a fucking hot girl and I hang out with my friends sometimes. No one thinks-"

"People see what they want to see," Eric says.

In that context, “people” can be replaced by “Vince.” He’s not a dumb guy, but I think he insulates himself a little. Doesn’t dig too deep into what’s going on around him. This would have been a very different story from Eric POV—one I’d like to read, actually. Why couldn’t I have been into this fandom back when it was relevant?

So, a lil excerpt from near the beginning....

[An excerpt (aka, famous last words)]
An excerpt (aka, famous last words):

So they go to Il Sole on a Friday night, and they have a good time and they look, Vince is pretty sure, like they have a great time. He holds her hand on top of the table and she feeds him a bite of her dessert and it's all staged, perfect flirtation. Romantic comedy lesson 1. There's gossip up the next day, and two weeks later they get their picture in People, holding hands on the red carpet outside a premiere; a week after that, Leslee, on Letterman to promote the album, blushes and smiles prettily and says, "He's a cool guy, we have a lot of fun," when she's asked about him.

"Your fake girlfriend is hot," Turtle says, passing over the blunt.

"Not a bad actress, either," Eric says. He's leaning against Vince's side, with Vince's arm comfortably around his shoulders. While they're at home, Vince gets to touch him as much as he wants. And he wants.

He exhales and hands the joint to Eric. "But it is all fake," he says. "She really likes Alyson."

"Bro, you've got a lesbian girlfriend," Johnny says, shaking his head. "You're living the dream life, man."

And that night in bed, when he's snuggled up to Eric, both of them still panting and sweaty, he says, "Johnny's right, I mean, isn't he?"

"New rule: never talk about Drama in bed, OK?"

Vince laughs and kisses Eric's shoulder. "I just mean, this is like a dream come true, isn't it? We get to be together and they get to be together and everyone's happy."

"Yeah," Eric says, rubbing his back. "Everyone's happy."

There’s this scene... she always has at least one scene that sticks in my head forever. Vince in a phone booth in Australia, talking to Turtle.... Sigh. Be on the lookout.

Anyway, go forth, read, and be happy. :)
Tags: 100things, author: fourteencandles, fandom: entourage, i love you eric murphy, length: novella, m/m, pairing: eric/vince, rec
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