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Oooh hey look, fun!

If people didn't send me links to stuff or post them places I regularly check (which is pretty much nowhere other than my flist), I'd never hear about anything that happens outside the walls of my office or house. (It's a cute little bubble I live in! It's very pink.) So it's a good thing faithwood posted about AfterElton's slash tourney. (Faith's post.)

After spending a few minutes being appropriately enraged with EW for being rude to anyone who ships a non-slash couple, go vote for your faves :) Looks like pairings from the same show (like S/D and Dean/Cas, plus those LotR dudes, etc) are all paired up in the same bracket--too bad, a little Sam/Dean vs Dean/Cas showdown would have been fun. And I don't know if those poll numbers are legit or the if SPN fans are just being reeaaallllly dedicated to sitting there and voting over and over, but Dean/Cas is currently outpacing Sam/Dean 163,618 votes to 128,569 votes. None of the other polls have that kind of turn out. Not even Bracket 12 (Kirk/Spock vs Kirk/Spock), and that has to be one of the oldest slash ships, right? Well, Teen Wolf does have +148k. That should make almost everyone on my flist happy!

afterelton slash-madness-tournament

Make sure you vote for Harry/Draco (they're barely edging the Suits guys--BARELY), and Merlin/Arthur (up against Hawaii Five-O). Thank god Eric/Bill (ugh, makes me shudder even to type that) and Edward/Jacob (who?) are barely getting any votes. 

(I wish I'd known about it when the original voting was going on. I would have found a way to submit 300,000 votes for Eric/Vince. SIGH.)

Round 1 voting is open until Friday.

Happy Monday!
Tags: i love you colin morgan, i love you sam winchester, rock the vote
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