elle em en oh pea (ellecc) wrote,
elle em en oh pea

My stuff on TLYDF

While I'm here, and while I'm babbling about TLYDF, here a few things I've done:

A recommendation for mopstyle's A Priori: Guest Fic Rec: ElleCC Sets Her Priorities
A ficdive with madicake: FicDive: Shiny, Pearly, Trashy Jasper
A Reader's Series article during which americnxidiot and I say nice things about one another: Reader's Series: ElleCC

Also... Emmett from "Fire in the Vein" makes an appearance here: GuestEssay: Hmonster Gobbles Up Some Emmett Love
And Angela, also from FitV, shows up here: CharacterExploration: Angela - The Best Friend You Could Ever Ask For
Tags: fitv, tlydf
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