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100 Things to Read #40

I just found this and had to share it immediately. Perfect quick read for a lame Friday morning.

Title: Sammy's Drunken Letters to Stephen King (title from fanlore article)
Author: eighth_horizon / gekizetsu
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gen (but per ushe, there's S/D if you look the right way :)
Rating: R for language (but only because the MPAA is uptight about how swear words are used)
Word Count: Seven sheets of notebook paper or hotel stationery, one-sided
Author's Summary: From first A/N: Some people dial old friends or enemies when they're drunk. Sam is a literary minded boy and has to take things a step further.

Sam's first drunken letters were crumpled and thrown away, but of course Dean pulled them out of the garbage, and he keeps them all in the bottom of his bag. For rainy days.

[Yapping and story links here....]
Basically, Sam Winchester gets drunk and writes letters to Stephen King detailing Sam's opinions on the inaccuracies of SK's books. He chucks the letters before sending them, but Dean takes it upon himself to dig them out of the trash and make his own little notes.

First and foremost, Stephen King is right up there with my favorite authors. I have all his books, multiple copies of some, am slowly building my digital collection of them all, and read my first—Firestarter—in sixth grade. But I don't think anyone's going to argue the "accuracies" of his novels, and reading Sam's drunken ramblings about the books? Hilarious. I have no idea where some people come up with stuff, but this is brilliant. All the more so because the author actually wrote the letters—didn't just type up the text, but wrote them on real paper and made real coffee stains and stuff. Talk about dedication to your craft.

You can follow the tag I linked above, but here's the full list of posts. Six posts, seven stories, all very funny, including some boy-I'm-glad-I-have-an-office-to-myself-because-I'm-LOLing moments.

  1. Pet Sematary — The improperly spelled title is the least of Sam's grievances.
  2. The Shining — Of course Sammy'd have lots to say about a psychic kid.
  3. Christine — News at 11:00: Winchesters have opinions about haunted cars ("Dean has sacrificed A LOT OF VIRGINS in that car"). They should check out From a Buick 8 next.
  4. It — Saw that coming, right? Poor Sammy and his coulrophobia.
  5. The Stand — I actually found these letters because of another story's brief conversation between S and D about The Stand.
  6. Salem's Lot — Because, vamps, right? A Tremors reference. And "six degrees of crapass boring."
  7. Thinner — Final one. Partially amusing because SK wrote Thinner as Richard Bachman and Sam jumps on that immediately and starts calling him "Dick." Familiar, anyone? I love what this show can get away with in a prime-time TV slot.

I'm a fan of epistolary stories, eighth_horizon, Stephen King, and Sam Winchester, so it was nearly impossible for this to go wrong.
Tags: 100things, author: eighth_horizon/gekizetsu, fandom: supernatural, i love you sam winchester, length: one-shot, rec, stephen king is the bees knees
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