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Entourage fic?

So what's the deal with the dearth of Entourage fic? Specifically Eric/Vince (although from what I've seen, E/V actually comprises the majority of the little that does exist, so at least there's that). I've found fourteencandles and dancinbutterfly and the few that astolat has, but pickins are slim. 28 on FFn; 66 on AO3; some unquantifiable, but small, amount on LJ. /o\ They're one of the great TV (b)romances! And it takes place in Hollywood. That's good stuff. Cute little Eric Murphy, people! Vincent Chase! ARI GOLD.


Is it because there's no magic or dragons or super powers or demons or vampires?! :(

Or singing??

SIGH X 100.

Anyway, if anyone knows of any good E/Vince, please let me know! :D

Tags: fandom: entourage, i love you eric murphy, luck of the irish, wtf
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