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100 Things to Read Masterlist

Here's a litte list in an attempt to keep things organized. I’m not sure this is the best way to break down the posts, but... this’ll do for now, I guess. 

Updated through #39 - 07/25/2012

Fanfic Things by Pairing

#2 - Arcane Asylum by new_kate
#6 - The Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest by assorted
#10 - One Touch of Your Hand to Mine by owlrigh
#11 - Waffles series by lolafeist
#12 - Accidental Memory in Case of Death by derryere
#13 - Now I Will Unsettle the Ground Beneath You by nu_breed
#14 - Destiny That Darkly Hides Us by nympha_alba
#15 - Flight Path by lamardreuse
#17 - One Song by agenttrojie
#18 - Let me be your canvas by marguerite_26
#19 - From Pratface by ayane_tsurugi
#21 - Gamut by nahara
#22 - A Good Day's Hunt by ella_bane
#23 - Dew Point by kianspo
#24 - A Change of Pace by kianspo
#25 - Time Forward by kianspo
#26 - Pockets Full of Stones (Lay Me Down) by kianspo
#35 - Job Orientation by seperis
#36 - The Tale of the Sea Serpent by seperis
#38 - It's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here) by corilannam
#39 - When Morning Comes by Starlingthefool

#11 - Waffles series by lolafeist
#16 - Blue Skies over Bad Lands by eldee

#3 - Double Tall Extra Hot Draco Malfoy With Whip, Please by dysonrules
#5 - Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by femmequixotic
#8 - Draco's Choice by daisy

#37 - Last Outpost of All That Is by eighth_horizon

[Ian/Mickey (Shameless US)]
Ian/Mickey (Shameless US)
#1 - these bones are mere accessories by insunshine

[Eric/Vince (Entourage)]
Eric/Vince (Entourage)
#27 - Down and Dirty by dancinbutterfly
#28 - If We Were Anybody by fourteencandles
#29 - Get It Together by fourteencandles
#30 - What It's Like by fourteencandles
#31 - People Come Around by fourteencandles
#32 - Get Used To It by fourteencandles
#33 - People Do It All the Time by fourteencandles
#34 - "Here's Us Together" Bonus Stories by fourteencandles

Original Fiction Things by Author

[Lanyon, Josh]
#4 - Fair Game by Josh Lanyon

[Monopoli, Ben]
#7 - Cranberry Hush by Ben Monopoli

[Price, Jordan Castillo]
#9 - Among the Living (PsyCop) by Jordan Castillo Price

Non-fanfiction, non-original fiction Things

[Writing Blogs]
#20 - Storyfix by Larry Brooks

If anything doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll blame Excel! :D

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