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100 Things to Read #22

This is just a shorty, both story and rec.

Title: A Good Day's Hunt
Author: ella_bane
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1500 
Author's Summary: When Merlin uses magic to cover up his illness to accompany Arthur on a hunt, things don't go quite as planned.

G! I know! And short. And pre-slash to boot. But so sweet. Sort of a perfect little happy fic. The summary pretty much says it all--Merlin and (King) Arthur are scheduled to go out for a hunting trip, and Merlin disguises the cold he has, which suddenly cropped up. Arthurian and Merlinian goodness ensues.

[Clicky for very short excerpt (it's a very short story!)]
"Merlin!" Gaius called again, impatience lacing his tone.

"Coming," Merlin yelled, and then he collapsed back onto the bed. The exertion it took to simply yell made him dizzy. He gazed at his bed with longing, but wandered out anyway.

"There's no time for your breakfast, I'm afraid," Gaius said, his back to Merlin as he measured out powder from a vial. "The price of sleeping in."

"I know, I know," Merlin said, and then he sneezed.

Gaius turned, saw Merlin and said, "You look like death warmed over. I'll send word that Arthur will have to make do without you today."

"I'm fine," Merlin said. "Arthur's bound to kill the wrong creature or get kidnapped or something equally disastrous if I'm not with him."

Merlin grinned. Gaius frowned.

"Gaius, don't worry. Watch. Eftbétung."

Merlin still felt wretched, but at least he appeared healthy. He turned in a circle with his arms out. "See? All better."

"A useful spell," Gaius remarked. "If you're certain."

"I am," Merlin said.

You should know things rarely go according to plan, Merlin.

Happy almost Friday!
Tags: 100things, author: ella_bane, fandom: merlin, length: one-shot, m/m... sort of, rec
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