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To Auction, To Auction...

So, it started during the April 2009 Support Stacie auction when I donated some money to the cause, along with a handful of other ladies, and jandco and wtvoc graced us with a "Tanq and Tonic" outtake. THE "Tanq and Tonic" outtake that I wanted to see: an alternate Jasper / Bella ending.

After that, I was hooked.

For September's Support Stacie, I bid on and won blue_bathrobe . The result of that was Wings -- another Jasper / Bella. (The pattern is forming... do you see it?) Blue is typically a canon-pairings author. "Tropic of Virgo" is Edward / Bella; "Delta of Mercury" is "Emmett / Rosalie"; and Tropic of Gemini is Jasper / Alice. But I knew that she'd be able to do justice to Jasper / Bella, so that was my prompt for her. "Jasper / Bella with an HEA." She did wonderfully.

And then came the Fandom Gives Back auction, which took place the week that New Moon was released. Over all, we raised -- as a fandom -- over $85,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand, which is an organization that fights childhood cancers.

During that auction, I picked up one-shots from ahizelm, einfach mich, hmonster4, socact, SweetDulicnea, and thiscolony.

It was suggested that maybe I have a problem with auction buying... but, it's for a good cause and it generates awesome new fic from fantastic writers -- I see no problem in that :)

So far, hmonster and thiscolony have finished, and ahizelm is almost done.

ThisColony wrote an AU outtake for her story Salacious Behavior and Earnest Speaking (one of my very favorites even though it's a tough one for the hardcore J/B gals like me): Out of the Doldrums

hmonster wrote an AU (as in vampires) Jasper/Bella, which is a bit outside of what she has historically written (E/B AH and some EmRo). But lately she's been stretching her wings a bit (she wrote a Canon Kate/Garrett one-shot for another FGB piece), and I was pretty sure that she would be able to do justice to Jasper/Bella, even if she'd never written it before. And she certainly did. Even if you're typically only an E/B gal, The Power to Be is worth checking out.

Blue, hmonster, and ThisColony have really spoiled me and set high bars for quality Jasper/Bella one-shots.

Okay, and even though these weren't from auctions, these are additional one-shots / outtakes for which I am at least partially responsible:
  • First Assignment by Legna989. My lovely Legna wrote me the best birthday present of all time. Not only is it wonderful, but it was her very first fic, which makes it even more wonderful and impressive.
  • In a Moonage Daydream by americnxidiot. ONLY THE FIRST CHAPTER, PLEASE. :)
  • Edward's Mom by InstantKarmaGirl. This is Esmasper. Or Jasme. Whichever you prefer. Yes, yes, it's weird. But it's soooooo good because IKG is an amazing writer. Every time I mention it, LaViePastiche threatens to disown me, but I don't care -- I love it too much.
  • Chapters 9 and 10 of Shameless Developments by SweetDulcinea. At the begging of LVP and I, Dulci wrote a little PBJ (Peter / Bella / Jasper) threesome action as an AU outtake for her story. It's lovely. And hot.
And I think that's it. I feel like I might be forgetting one... but hopefully I'm not. I will either come back and update this post once more of the one-shots are done, or I'll put up new posts. We shall see :)
Tags: auction, fgb, jasper, length: one-shot, pairing: jasper/bella, rec, support stacie
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