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Vermont trip reading list

Okey dokey, a brand new list for this weekend... (hmm, at least mostly new)....

I just discovered corilannam posted her stories to AO3 last month, so now I can read Pull and Same As It Ever Was on the plane without having to worry about my iPad randomly re-loading pre-loaded Safari pages like a big fat jerk.

Deluge by suaine has been on my list forever, and I finally found an ePub for that, too.

The Magic Bean bycassie_black12, On Tethered Wings by thuri, It's Not the Time or the Place bylolafeist (one of the few of hers I haven't read, I think), His Own Hand by crazypaving, and Wicked Game by winterstorrm (which I started awhile ago but never finished; it's QaF inspired) are all frommarguerite_26's rec lists. I spent a lot of time with them last night--this time the canon ones as well as modern AU.

I also have What Looks Like Crazy by hermette, which I've seen reced before but have been putting off because it's bound to be the sort of sad that can't be fixed and I have to be in a certain mood for that.

Also, Irradiance, which is an Albus Severus/Scorpius by melusinahp, who I really like.

Aaaand hmm... Off the Deep End bynovemberlite, Concerto for Two Violins by lady_ragnell (Morgana/Gwaine with side Merlin/Arthur from what I can tell from the summary, which is why I think I haven't read it yet, though I've read most of her other stuff), Seven Magpies bysyllic, and Virgin Sacrifices Aren't What They Used to Be by lamardeuse. And Birth of the Serpent King by Keira Marcos (that's H/D).

Plus a few leftover from last weekend, with Steam at the top of that list.

I'm almost disappointed the flight is only an hour and ten minutes, but I anticipate some sitting-around time with my folks, so we'll see how I do...

Happy weekend!

A million years later...

[06/14/2012 -- Update about the stories above, plus some HS Merlin and other stuff]
All right, so a million years later, I will try to remember what I thought about what I read that weekend (which turned into nearly a week and ended up being sooo much stuff).

I swear I am probably going to love anything corilannam writes. Same As It Ever Was was a super interesting idea and good execution for a story that wasn't very long (7k). And Pull--loved, loved, loved it. Loved. I could have read another 500k from that universe. Loved.

Deluge -- I have never highlighted so many things in a story as I did in this one (over 60 passages). I will save the story and some of those notes for my 100 Things. Such wonderful growth for Arthur during the course of the story. I adored the whole thing.

The Magic Bean I started by didn't finish. I got maybe 65% of the way in and was bored. It's Not the Time or the Place--regular awesome lolafeist. Same goes for Virgin Sacrifices--typical lamardeuse: funny, cute, enjoyable.

His Own Hand was amazing. Oh, the writing is like the best kind of porn for my brain. It was such a pleasure to read. 12k incredibly well spent, and not even just for the spanking porn. I'm sure there'll be a 100 Things for this one, too.

I finally got to Steam, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I anticipated. I had a hard time connecting to the characters for some reason, and even by the end of the story, I didn't feel like I ever really had. I read Seven Magpies as well, and while the concept was very cool (Arthur gets chucked into a universe where Merlin is prince and he's the manservant), at the end I was left wanting more, and not in a good way. It felt like it was missing something that would have made it really satisfying. I'd love to see Merlin's side of it.

The ones I haven't read yet: On Tethered Wing, Wicked Game, What Looks Like Crazy, Irradiance, Concerto for Two Violins, Birth of the Serpent King.

From my previous list (Beach Trip / Writing Retreat reading list), I read...

Nothing Ever Promised--not a perfect story, but I enjoyed it. I really liked Gwaine and Lance and the parts they played. The POV was irritating as hell, but I think that's an entirely personal preference thing. I'm fine with multiple POVs in one story, but I find it really distracted to bounce between them from paragraph to paragraph.

Fractured Fairytale--Very entertaining all the way through. Neat to see everyone and how they fit into Merlin's world.

Aaaand also during that weekend, I read a bunch of other stuff including these from the hs_merlin fest (authors added below post-reveals):

Post-It Note Romance--two thumbs up. After reading the summary, I worried it would be like Drugstore Flowers or Heartbreak, Secret Friends, and Stupid Doodles, but it wasn't. (by fuzzytomato02)

Out of the Darkness--Merlin and Gwaine in a tent! Very cute. (by fr333bird)

Dropped Time--I liked the concept a lot, but I think the story should have been at least twice as long. Maybe three times. The whole thing felt very rushed, which made some things confusing. Too shallow and fast in places where it would have benefited by taking some time to really let us get to know the characters. Well written, but I felt hampered by the things that weren't clicking fast enough for me to keep up. (by otta_ff)

Sativa in Bloom--another Merlin/Gwaine. Gwaine POV. They're both potheads. I loved the characterizations and neither guy ever got girlie. Merlin was so cute. Really liked it. (by leashy_bebes)

And not from HS Merlin, I read The Apple Grove (4.4 out of 5 stars), Where Legends Lie (DNF--got bored even though it was an okay story), and Smoke and Mirrors, which was really good, though not the happiest story of all time.

Um, think that's it. It was a long six days! Got lots done =)

Now, just waiting until my next six-day weekend to see what else I can read...
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