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The Twilight 25

The first Twilight 25 (thetwilight25 ), hosted by queenofgrey, concluded on 12/1. Thirty-four of the participating authors completed all twenty-five prompts. Several of them (including me!) finished up in the last few hours before the deadline.

If you ask legna989 or LaViePastiche, they'll confirm that I was panicking pretty badly in the last few days -- I was convinced I wasn't going to finish. I went into the final weekend with nineteen of the twenty-five complete, and almost no ideas for the final six. Legna gave me some ideas, as did LVP, and I was able to use those -- and some variations -- to come up with five of the final six.

The last one, ironically "Stagnant," gave me the worst time. By the end, I think I had seven versions of the damn thing. I don't love what I ended up posting, but it could have been worse.

I had a lot of fun doing the whole thing. I ended up with four one-shots and twenty-one drabbles.

The one-shots:
  • Jealousy -- a Peter/Jasper/Bella that is sort of a prequel to the collab one-shot What We've Got, which I wrote with LVP. Yes, "Jealousy" features a threesome :)
  • Retribution -- a Jasper/Bella -- Jasper is a cop; Bella is a mafia mistress.
  • Crusade -- a short Emmett POV outtake from Fire in the Vein.
  • Walls -- a short, weird thing in which I experimented with the narrator.

The drabbles are largely Jasper-related. I think I ended up with three that aren't: Awkward - Bella; Juvenile - the whole group; Wood - EmRo. Three of them are FitV: Soft - Bella; Platonic - Alice; Raindrops - Jasper. Also, Sky is a Maria FitV-AU piece (this was based on a nightmare that Legna had).

Let's see... I also did a SoaPM-AU piece (Sour), which morphed into the one-shot The Book of Peter.

And the last thing worthy of note is Heart, which is a teaser for the collab that LVP and I just finished writing (it's a Support Stacie piece for JAustenlover. We'll be sending it to her within the next few days; we hope to begin posting it to FFn the first or second week of January).

I also betaed some or all of the Twi25 entries for accio_bourbon ,americnxidiot , and blue_bathrobe. They all wrote lovely things that you should definitely check out.

Sign up is currently ongoing for the next round, which starts January 1, 2010. I'm undecided about whether or not I'll participate... can I really manage another 25 Jasper drabbles? Legna, however, is already signed up, and LVP is considering, so... we shall see.

Also ongoing is voting for the first round. You can find more information about that here. I recommend getting your voting started ASAP because there are a lot of entries to go through. Voting concludes January 1, 2010 at 11:00 AM EST.
Tags: fanfiction, fitv, jasper, length: one-shot, pairing: jasper/bella, twi25
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