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100 Things to Read #8

TitleDraco's Choice
Author: daisy3853 (or on FFn)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,600
Author's Summary: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are taken prisoner at Malfoy Manor, Draco has a choice to make. Give up Harry Potter, the Chosen One, or betray his family and the Dark Lord.

When DH1 came out, I flew to Chicago to see it on opening weekend with a bunch of my girls (Legna, H, Daisy, Lucy, and Profmom). We went to an awesome theatre, to a no-kids-allowed showing, and ate popcorn with BACON on it. REAL BACON. AT A MOVIE OMG. It was so entirely glorious. Happysigh. At the time, I was (maybe still am? not sure? I think Daisy dabbles) the only one reading any HP fic, which meant I had no one with whom to share all of my lovely Harry/Draco ideas. Sadsigh. As luck would have it, I had won a fic from Daisy in the Fandom Gives Back auction a few months prior and hadn't yet given her any sort of idea about what I wanted. FGB is a Twilight fandom thing, but Daisy is sweet and lovely and calls me mommy2, and when I pout at her she can't say no, and eventually she succumbed to my needling her for Harry/Draco instead of something Jasper. She was scared to death, I think (it helped that I told her there didn't have to be any sex), but agreed to write something based on the scene at Malfoy Manor (YOU ALL KNOW THE SCENE. HOW COULD I NOT ASK FOR THAT). She'd never written any HP fic, let alone Harry/Draco, let alone slash, but I knewwwww she could do it. I just knew it!

And this little fic, Draco's Choice, is the result. It's wonderful and perfect and exactly what I wanted. It couldn't make me happier. HAPPYSIGH. She does such a good job with Draco, like she'd been writing him for a long time. And together, they're so very Harry and Draco. There's banter! Perfect banter. And Draco being honorable. And Harry being Harry.

[Just a wee excerpt...]
Lucius steps forward, and Draco has to try not to cringe away when he grasps his shoulder. It's too firm for a casual father-son touch and does nothing to hide Lucius's anxiety. If his aunt is motivated by her infatuation, then his father is driven by his need for redemption. He has fallen so greatly, but this – handing over Potter – this could be enough to elevate him to his prior status. Draco knows that it's all he truly desires.

"Look closer, Draco. Do you have any idea what this could mean? If we were the ones to bring Potter to the Dark Lord… all would be forgiven, Draco." Lucius' voice is sharp and eager in Draco's ear. The hunger in his father's eyes makes him nervous – it's the same hunger he sees in each of them. They're all desperate: desperate for power, for blood, and for the Dark Lord's approval.

Draco's weary of it all.
See? See? So good. It's filled with wonderful. Go forth and read!

Tags: 100things, author: daisy3853, fandom: harry potter, length: one-shot, m/m, pairing: harry/draco, rec
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