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100 Things to Read #6

This one's a little different--a collection of comment fics--but I'm still only counting it at as one thing.

TitleThe Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest
Author: Assorted
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Various
Word Count: From one to seven comments
Author's Summary: Tired of the Royal Wedding hype? Couldn't care less about cakes and canapes? Bored of the same footage being shown over and over? Fear not! I have an antidote! Of the Merlin/Arthur variety! Yes, how much cooler would the Royal Wedding have been had it been between Merlin and Arthur?

I was having some sort of weird "What if Merlin and Arthur got married while Arthur was Prince or King?" thing the other day and came across this fest. It was run last year at the time of the Royal Wedding. It's a comment fest, so they're all pretty short. The longest is by a six-parter by suntipped, Previously Unexpected (fun and lovely and covers their relationship from start to wedding). The ficlets are a mix of Canon AU and Modern AU, so probably something for everyone. I've read them all except for the one set in the Drastically Redefining Protocol world ("Bank Holiday," also posted on AO3), which I'll read after I re-read DRP (soon!), and they're all good. Looking for something else, I came across this one that isn't on the masterlist: Sketches from a Royal Wedding by corilannam

Definitely a fun idea, and I guess this is sort of appropriate for the upcoming anniversary.

(I wonder what the boys are doing one-year post-wedding....)
Tags: 100things, fandom: merlin, length: one-shot, m/m, pairing: merlin/arthur, rec
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